Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Endo Valley Cascade

This stream meanders through the Endo Valley in the Rocky Mountain National Park. I was starting my painting here when out of the brush behind me this guy stumbles out and says "I come all the way from California and I still can't get away from you!" or something to that effect. It was my smiling friend Mike Bagdonas, the only artist I've met that is significantly taller than me. And a darn good painter! We chatted for a bit and then he went around the bend in the right of my painting and painted his scene. Ahead of him was Mark Rittorno, and ahead of him was Carole Gray Weihman. Meeting up with other artists at these plein air events is one of the best parts of the events.

To see more of my Estes Park Plein Air paintings and other landscapes and river scenes visit my web site; Alfredo Tofanelli Fine Art.

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