Saturday, September 27, 2008

View from Stubbs Vineyards

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This and most of the other paintings done over the last year by all the artists in Art on the Farm will be on display at Point Reyes Vineyards on October 19, 2008 between 12:30-5:00pm. Food from Marin Organic family farms, Wine and art are available for purchase with part of the proceeds going to Marin Organic Loan Fund and part to the artist. Point Reyes Vineyard is about 1 mile north of Point Reyes Station on Highway One at 12700 Highway One.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Clouds over Petaluma

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This was painted at the Greater Petaluma Paintout in conjunction with the Oil Painters of America. It was a cloudy day with the light going in and out of shadow. I decided to paint the hills looking east and the clouds above them. The sky in this painting was completely done with the palette knife.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fresh Run Farm

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I joined a local organization called Art on the Farm this last spring. I have been too busy to go on the paintouts until this paintout held at Fresh Run Farm. The organization teams up artists and organic farms with a show at the end of the year where part of the proceeds from sales go to the Marin Organic loan fund and part to the artist. It's always great to paint with a bunch of artists and make new friends but it also feels good to do something for a good cause. The Show is October 19th. More on that in the next Art on the Farm post.

Friday, September 12, 2008

Fidel on a Gray Day.

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This is a sketch of Fidel that I painted on an overcast day. I started by covering the board using a palette knife then switching to a brush. The palette knife helps you block in large shapes and keeps you from getting into the detail too early.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Marta with Umbrella

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The first week of September we host a Peggi Kroll-Roberts workshop here at the l'Atelier aux Couleurs. My partners and I facilitate the workshop and paint once everything is set-up. I painted this study along with 5 other sketches on a 16x20 board and was rather pleased with this one, especially for a quick pose, 40 minutes or so. I did another 20 minute sketch following this one and then went in the studio to get something for one of the students. When I got back I saw Camille and others with a long face and saw my board was leaning against the easel. When I was away a gust blew my easel and board over and the paintings landed face down in the dirt and dried grass. "Oh well", I said and started to clean up my set-up when another gust blew over my paintings for a second time. Doh! This painting and the last sketch where completely covered with debris. I decided to wait til it dried to try and remove the debris and this is what survived.