Saturday, August 15, 2009

Portrait of a Girl - Quickdraw

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This was painted at the Wyoming Plein Air Quickdraw in down town Cheyenne near the train depot building. We had 90-120 minutes to complete the painting before the whistle blew. We then framed the painting and took it over to the Plains Hotel to be auctioned. This portrait was a bit of a challenge as the elements came into play. The shadows from the heavy clouds were causing the light to go in and out and then it started to rain towards the end of our allotted time. To see more of my portraiture visit my web site; Alfredo Tofanelli Fine Art.

Note: If you click on the image to see it zoomed up you can see the small rain drops on it as this photo was taken right before I took it to the auction. They are most obvious on her cheek.

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