Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Upper Beaver Meadows - Rocky National Forest

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This was painted on the first afternoon painting in the Rocky Mountain National Forest. The clouds were coming and going as we were painting at this location. We had planned to come back here so I could finish this.

When we did return the clouds were thick and then the thunder and lightning came. I decided to start another painting since it was a completely different scene. Carole, Mark and I were huddled between the Jeep and Toyota for a wind block. We soon decided that wasn't a great idea with lightning coming so close. We were one of the highest objects out there (and being 6'2" I was the highest) so we reluctantly packed it in. I continued to paint from the passenger seat for a while but it soon became impossible to see through the thick rain. Ahh, plein air; you got to love it!

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