Thursday, October 15, 2009

Silent Cove

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This was painted on the American River across the river from Historic Folsom. I was looking for some water scenes to paint and explored this area. The bridge into town is just up to the left of this painting a few hundred yards. There were some good views of the bridge and on the other side of the bridge and if I had more time I would have painted more paintings from this location. Maybe another time. I chose this spot because the water was calm here and I like the still pool of water with the rocks protecting it. I like these scenes and will no doubt be painting more of them. This painting will be in the Prelude Show for the Plein Air Rockies exhibit August 7-26, 2010.

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1 comment:

Janice L-H said...

I think the bridge is a wonderful area to paint. The light later in the day is wonderful. One of these days I will run into you at AV GAllery!