Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Back Yard Wheelbarrow - in private collection

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We had a paintout at Baileys Harbor, in Door County, and I saw this wheelbarrow behind the Blacksmith Inn and what can I say, it just spoke to me. I really liked the deep values of the glossy black paint against all the other textures in the sunlit scene. Then I thought "who would want a painting of a wheelbarrow" so I kept walking around searching for something that was more "Door County" to paint since I could paint a wheelbarrow anywhere. Lori Putnam was across the street painting a beautiful porch scene full of reflected light. Carole Gray Weihman was painting a beautiful garden and big Al had his wheelbarrow. After wasting an hour or more searching I was pulled back to the wheelbarrow and its shiny black paint. By the time I started painting I realized my beautiful sunlight filled scene would soon be going to shadow so I quickly laid in spots of color.
I had several folks come by to see what I was up to and I'm sure some were snickering to themselves "what was this crazy Cali guy thinkin!". I had fun painting my wheelbarrow and it has found a nice home with a good artist friend of mine.
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