Friday, February 5, 2010

Petaluma Street Scene

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Ray Roberts came to town to drop off a few paintings to the Pelican Art Gallery and wanted to do some street scenes. I joined him down the street and painted this looking towards the east and the setting sun. The sun was still pretty high up when I started but I finished around 6:45pm. This took just over an hour or so. The local teenagers would come by and raz me until I started to get the board covered. By the end I had a small flock gathered around and they were wanting me to paint them in. It was fun to see them getting into the painting. Ray took a snapshot of them gathered around, the tallest maybe as high as my shoulder but alas, the photo may be gone forever on my dead hard drive. Ray did a great studio painting from his sketch and its at the Pelican Art Gallery and worth a look.

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