Friday, November 27, 2009

Shollenberger Park

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This was the first painting that I did with the North Bay Plein Air Meetup group.This is a fun group of painters including folks at all levels of ability. If you're in the area look them up as they have a paintout practically every month. This was painted between the Marina and the main part of Shollenberger. You can see photos of more of the paintout paintings along with photos of folks painting at the Meetup link above.

To see more of my plein air paintings please visit my web site; Alfredo Tofanelli Fine Art.


Gerald de Dios said...

Really great painting that day! I remember the sun was unsure if it wanted to stay or go away? By the way, That's a great trail that you recommended, I hiked it over the weekend. And I remember the exact view of your painting!

Janice L-H said...

That was a really nice paintout and we had loads of fun at your studio afterwards. Hope to see you again!