Saturday, August 25, 2007

William Sitting Bull

This painting is available at The Link Gallery.
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This is my quickdraw portrait of William Sitting Bull, the Great, Great Grandson of Sitting Bull. I was really happy with the way it was going. I had 90 minutes to finish it and I could have used a little more time. William is an excellent artist himself and we are at the same gallery, The Link Gallery. Check the link in My Links to the right to visit the gallery's site. Most of my Estes Park paintings are at the Link Gallery.

William past away earlier this year and the world is a sadder place for it. He was a unique soul and a talented painter. We had a combined opening and a fund raising auction for him in Cheyenne last October in an effort to raise money for a kidney transplant. You can see some of his work at: I apologize that the site hasn't yet been updated to reflect his passing. Keep William and his wife Bonnie in your thoughts.

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