Friday, March 7, 2008

Ashley in Tangerine Wrap

This painting is unavailable as it was given to a friend.

This is a little 6" x 8" sketch I did yesterday in about 40 minutes. It started out as a rough sketch to show one of my students in my figure painting class how I see the color that was up there. I set up behind her and put down some spots of color so that at the break she could look at her piece and then look at my piece and see why I chose the colors I did. I think it is a useful exercise that I learned from Ray Roberts when he did a similar thing in one of his landscape classes. It allows the student to compare their choices to what the instructor chooses. I then changed the model into a 90 minute pose and while the students were starting their new pieces I continued to try and make a painting out of a rough sketch without having the model in the same pose. It was a lot of fun!

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